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Gay Tantra Armin Heining

Enjoy the wisdom and experience
of Armin Heining and Gay-Tantra

Awaken Studio

GAY-TANTRA™ Teaser Workshop

Armin Heining

Toronto September 20

at the Awaken Studio

GAY-TANTRA™ Teaser Workshop

How can I connect my sexual energy with love and spirituality? How can I integrate my sexual energy in everyday life and feel complete, alive, powerful and at the same time loving and compassionate?

Experience in this teaser workshop for energy and bodywork beginners and advanced men:

  • Bodily exercises to feel your chakra system more deep and alive
  • how you can open your 'Inner Flute', your secret channel from your pelvis to your crown, with sounds, breathing and visualization
  • how you can connect your sexual energy with your partner in the so-called 'Heart Wave'

    For Inspiration Joyful Preparation

    DVD Ultimate Gay Sex

    • The GAY-TANTRA Educational Film 'Ultimate Gay Sex' (running time about 65 minutes) and other Bonus Films for Download allows you to maximize what you will learn and take home from the workshop (all films together value about USD 35).
    • Armin Heining's 'World of GAY-TANTRA™ Hand Out', a comprehensive manual that immerses you in the unique GAY-TANTRA™ program and includes proprietary breathwork, meditation, massage and tantric insights to allow you to get the most out of your GAY-TANTRA™ experience! 
    • Purchase Videos and Books

    Armin Heining

    Armin is giving in this workshop - a teaser about his teachings. Once a Benedictine Monk for 10 years he turned 1992 to the Founder of GAY-TANTRA on our planet connecting his spiritual experiences through Christian Mystic, Contemplation and Zen Meditation with Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra, his tantric mentor for over 18 years.

    The JOURNEY to the Divine Masculine 
    Sacred Male Energy

    “Male Shakti is one of the most potent powers on the planet. What are you using it for? What are you living for? Are you fighting against love or for love? Are you fighting from your wounds? From your anger, your fear, your disappointment, and disempowerment? Are you lashing out to hurt others because you have been hurt yourself? Are you programmed to defend because you have felt attacked so many times? Is there a cold place in your heart that no longer cares?”

    From: True Masculine Essence

    Awaken Studio - A welcoming, safe and
    supportive environment for all men, to explore erotic and sexual experience, through exploratory
    education, experimentation, play
    and willing curiousity.
    The Awaken Studio provides a space where with communal and humanistic intention all men are
    welcome to dynamically and fluidly, create, explore and or re-experience sexual story and history.
    Men transform and ascend to a state of  powerful, peaceful, joyful, and ecstatic transcendence.
    Awakening the heart and spirit of men to the peace and surrender of masculine erotic power.
    Awaken Studio
    276 Carlaw Avenue,
    Upstairs Unit 217B
    Toronto, Ontario Canada
    The erotic is the nurturer or nursemaid of all our deepest knowledge. - Audre Lorde


    September 20 at the 

    Awaken Studio Toronto

    Workshop Registration 
    through the 
    Awaken Studio 
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    GAY-TANTRA™ Introductory Workshop

    Organizational Details


    The GAY-TANTRA Teaser Workshop takes place at Awaken Studio, 276 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Canada M4M 3L1. A welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all men, to explore erotic and sexual experience, through exploratory education, experimentation, play and willing curiousity.


    Wednesday, Sept 20, 7 to 10 pm
    The Teaser Workshop will start on time at 7:00 pm and ends on time at 10:00 pm. Please arrange to arrive about 15 minutes earlier to the beginning

    Please bring along with you:

    One sheet, one large towel (bath towel), a sarong (made of cotton or silk) to wear around your hips.

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    All Bodywork Sessions and Groups at the Awaken Studio are limited to those 19 years old and over.
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    not required for any individual or group session it is recommended that you
    check ahead, ask any questions that you might have and prepare yourself 
    for any experience that might be unlike anything before.

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