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When groups gather together to share information, education 
and a sense of camaraderie, men can feel more a part of and less 
isolated and separated from the group. 
Although there is no prerequisite for any of these groups it is suggested that you 
have had either an individual bodywork session or an introduction. 
For information about joining a group please contact 
Phillip at or call at 416-557-7312 
If you are interested in attending a Group Bodywork session 
please check the offerings below and see what peaks your interest. 
Group sessions are divided into several categories. Some experiences will explore
erotic information and involve erotic touch, some events this touch is individual
in other experiences the touch is shared and mutual. Some experiences involve
nudity and some are fully clothed. Yet other experiences involve movement, 
breath and meditation. {lease make certain to check all of the information about
what the event involves before you register and before deciding to attend.

Please visit the pages below to see further information about each type of session.
All Bodywork Sessions and Groups at the Awaken Studio are limited to those 19 years old and over.
If you require further information or have questions please make sure to ask.
Although an intake session, introductory session or prior experience  is 
not required for any individual or group session it is recommended that you
check ahead, ask any questions that you might have and prepare yourself 
for any experience that might be unlike anything before.

How May I be of Service to you?

Please use this website for your information. 
If you see information within this site that is of interest to you, 
and you would like more information, please let Phillip know.
If you are interested in the latest updates or finding out about 
 events that are happening at the Awaken Studio please 
subscribe to the site for the latest information.

 The information presented here is specifically meant for 
information purposes. If you are in a physical or mental crisis 
please contact your care provider right away. 

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